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    Valhalla: Life and Death in Viking Britain

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    16 June 09:00 - 02 September 17:00
  • Valhalla offers visitors the opportunity to discover how the Vikings commemorated and celebrated their dead and brings together important burial finds that explore everyday Viking life and death in Britain 1,000 years ago. Displaying significant artefacts from recent excavations across the UK, including a Viking age skeleton, the exhibition uses the evidence of excavations to reveal the way in which Vikings celebrated their dead using pagan boat burials, grave goods and ornately carved headstones. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a replica Viking boat. Items from local collections are also on display.
    Life and death during the 9th and 10th centuries are explored through everyday objects that reveal that the Vikings were not only warriors but also explorers, traders, farmers and crafters.
    The exhibition includes a special hands-on children’s area with a Viking encampment where puppets, play and dressing up encourage young people to find out about Norse myths and sagas.