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    27 September 20:00 - 22:00
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  • Keith has become one of the most active and inventive concert artists currently performing in the UK.

    Keith has played over 2000 shows; in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Italy and France and almost every British acoustic music festival including Glastonbury.

    Enigmatic and sub textural, songwriter Leonard Cohen was an unflinching character, with an exact sense of prose, a wry humour and courage to wrestle with the unspoken, forgiving human frailty with the brush of each line.

    With a reputation of performing in this exact way and with an undying love of the 'pure song' Keith James gives you a concert of Cohen's amazing material in an intimate and sensitive style, exposing the solitary inner strength of his greatest songs in their original perfect form as well as songs from Leonard Cohen's Album 'You want it Darker' released only 10 days before his death - produced by his son, Adam.