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    The Sacred Stage

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    14 October 09:00 - 13:00
  • The Sacred Stage
    Sat 14 October 2017 (28 Days)
    Laura Pasetti & Stewart Friendship

    This month-long retreat is designed for artists of all genres who believe that the stage is a sacred gate allowing us to access the source of our true nature and transform pure energy into an act of creation – a time of deep reflection on the meaning of being a performer.

    It is very easy to forget that being an artist is a kind of mission, a lifetime journey on the edge between dark and light, with the purpose of celebrating the story of humanity and, by doing so, making it eternal. The performer needs to prepare and stay focused in order to accomplish the mission and it is not always easy; the ego and the emotions get in the way.

    The ego creates ‘false dragons’ distracting us from our mission. The emotions mislead us into false beliefs and make us indulge the water of illusion. We feel ‘too talented’ or ‘too powerful’ and we stop listening; we feel ‘inadequate’ or ‘not gifted enough’ and we stop listening.

    The performer is a vessel. Through this vessel, Beauty, Truth and Divinity take human shape. When the vessel is full of ego and emotions, it cannot accomplish the purpose for which has been prepared.

    During this month we will go back to the mission, reminding us what it means to be on stage. We will ‘prepare our nest’, we will make space for silence and start listening again. There will be a full schedule of activities and ‘non-activities’ and each week will be dedicated to the development of a specific theme through the practice.

    Although it is not necessary to be a professional performer to participate in this programme, some experience of the stage is required in order to fully benefit from the journey. It is open to actors, dancers, singers, musicians, puppeteers, mimes, directors, acting coaches, drama teachers and to any other artist using the stage in their practice.

    For more info and how to book: https://www.findhorn.org/programmes/sacred-stage/