• Drink & Draw at Breathe Festival - BOX WARS

  • 25 May 18:00 - 22:00
  • Inverness Drink & Draw is proud to collaborate with Breathe to bring you something outrageous! ( More info about this great new festival here: http://www.breathe-events.co.uk/home/4593630176 )

    Gear up for some cardboard carnage! Construct machines of war, create battle armour, or conjure up fantastical beasts. There is no limit to what you can bring to the battlefield.
    Team up as an army, enter as a lone wolf, or as a mercenary for hire to compete for the grand prize.

    Friday: Bring your creations to the war tent. Decorate, assemble, or construct them from scratch there and then. Good quality cardboard, decoration materials, and tools will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own stuff too.

    Saturday: Last chance to finish off your designs before we go and party. A special award for the most elaborate and original design will be awarded, regardless of how effective in battle it may be!

    Sunday: Meet on the battlefield at HIGH NOON. Bring your hungover selves and fight to the fictional death. You will be judged on showmanship and effectiveness in battle. Bonus points for destroying the obstacles or including them in your tactics. Prizes will be awarded in the aftermath.

    Conditions: Only cardboard can be used for the structure. (soft material like tissue, netting, light fabric etc. can be included for decoration). No pre-made items like plastic swords.
    The cardboard must not be reinforced or strengthened with any other materials other than cardboard. No paper mache, plastic, wire etc. This is for safety.
    You enter the battle at your own risk – we can’t take responsibility for any war injuries or paper cuts you endure.