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    Soul Song Satsang of the Heart

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    7 July 19:00 - 22:00
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  • Come Dive into the deep waters of your heart and soul with a Soul Song Satsang of the Heart Lovingroom Session

    with Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea (aka Rev. Dr. Nenari Anne
    Diamond, DD MHT)

    Soul Song Satsang of the Heart Lovingroom Sessions are an interactive way to raise the consciousness of the earth through the teachings of Love and compassion.

    For in Sanskrit, the word Satsang means to sit in the truth, the truth of who you really are. Thus, in a Satsang format in which we will sit together in this truth and through meditation, deep Soul Gazing
    exercises, sound and vibrational healing, Meditational Hypnosis techniques, crystal therapy, chakra therapy, inquiry, and more; we will delve deeply into how to heal relationships and all of your life into Love. From Love with the Divine/Source, to Self Love, to Love with a
    partner (one whom calls to our heart), to Love of all humanity, we will explore what it truly means to live and be this, to walk the talk, to deeply connect with the Love within you and within all areas of your life to transform and heal you into the magnificence you are!

    This Satsang is a transformative journey on the path of reprogramming your Deeply Imbedded Automatic Programmings, Addictions, fears, anxiety, depression, and any issues
    in your life so as to live the life you desire with lasting change. To move from fear/ego/mind to a more heart centred life and to open up your spiritual gifts to be more connected to Source and to who you are as a Soul and living your Souls Purpose in life.

    We will also explore what your Soul Song, your Soul Signature name is, what it means, and how coming into the Song of your Soul can actually heal you and your life. We will examine all you have been told, let go of that which insults your Soul to bring you into who you really are. You will also learn how to access the Akasha (Akashic Records) and be able to open and read your own akasha as well.

    Come join us as we remember the Light of Love we are and shine that Light.

    Satsang evening love offering donation of £25 per person