• World Tattie Scone Contest

  • 24 June 09:00 - 15:00
  • Frying pans at the ready – registration is now open for those wanting to put their skills to the test in the World Tattie Scone Competition. You can enter here: www.pipingatforres.com/tattieworlds
    Participants will fight it out to win the accolade of World’s Tastiest Tattie Scone Maker.
    The aim of the competition is to make a tattie scone using a set recipe with mashed potatoes and flour, plus the contestant’s own magic ingredient which they will bring with them.
    The competition is run by Elaine Sutherland of Oakwood Cookery School in Elgin.
    There is no fee to enter the Tattie Scone Championships which is supported by Carr’s Flour and Albert Bartlett potatoes other than paying for entry to Piping At Forres and participants can be aged 13 upwards.
    To buy tickets for Piping At Forres or for more info on the World Tattie Scone Contest visit www.pipingatforres.com/tattieworlds