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    3rd Inverness Drink & Life Drawing

  • When
    27 July 19:00 - 23:00
  • Fully-clothed life drawing sessions at the pub. FREE entry. All skill levels welcome.
    This is a very relaxed setup with no formal guidance - we're all there to improve our drawing together and have fun!

    Don't think of this as a class. There are no rules on what you can create, as long as it's respectful to our models. Do quick sketches to practice anatomy, work on longer portrait studies, or use our models as reference for a bigger surreal piece - it's totally up to you!

    Bring whatever materials you want to use (as long as they won't make a mess of the pub!) and a sketchpad, or a tablet/laptop for digital work.
    I supply loose paper, pens, markers and pencils in case folk don't bring their own.

    Volunteer models will pose for us fully-clothed. They will be paid with copies of the work we produce of them.

    Please turn up at 7pm so we can set up the space depending on numbers.
    Downstairs at the Tooth & Claw.