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    Mindful Dance: Deepening Body Awareness

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    2 September 11:00 - 15:00
  • Mindful Dance: Deepening Body Awareness
    Sat 2 September 2017 (7 Days)
    Lindsay Fovargue

    Dance your way to aliveness, presence and your still small voice, in the loving embrace of Findhorn! Mindful Dance is a way to get to know the full spectrum of who you are more deeply, from your wild exuberance to your deep inner stillness. As we explore our body awareness through movement, we can invite transformation into our lives, move beyond limiting beliefs and stories and find healing.

    MindfulDanceCombining Body Psychotherapy, mindfulness practices and expression though free, spontaneous movement to music, this sensitive, fun, often profoundly beautiful practice is suitable for all physical abilities.

    Every movement is optional, invited within your comfort zone. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, to follow how your body wants to and can move, and to rest when you want to, as well. ‘Dancing’ includes gentle warm-up stretches and times of free movement. In Mindful Dance you can follow the instruction, or go your own way. Besides free movement, one of our aims is to be still – to practice mindful awareness – and find that clear place within each of us from which we can effectively lead our lives.

    This is an experiential week: an opportunity to connect deeply within. Mindful Dance supports self-responsibility, your own pacing, style and preference. You will experience sessions of movement to a variety of music, as well as led meditations and visualisations. There will be an invitation to explore with creative materials, focusing and other exercises inspired by angels and nature spirits.

    MindfulDance4This will be a safe, supportive space. We rely on you to respect your own limitations and experience (physical/emotional/spiritual) as well as respecting those of others. The group activities take place in an atmosphere of non-judgement.

    Each Mindful Dance ‘class’ is structured to invite some letting go of tension, relaxation and revitalising of energy. Exercises may be offered to reduce high anxiety, support relaxation or enhance pain-free movement. You can explore personal issues through moving, or simply allow the class to inspire your day!

    Addressing our energetic and physical sides is essential to health and wellbeing. Mindful Dance is not therapy, but it may support you in transforming and enjoying your life.

    MindfulDanceHaving worked as a Relational and Body Psychotherapist for more than 15 years, Lindsay Fovargue has extensive experience of how we seek and find deep change, health and individual meaning. As a result, she values ways we can approach well-being in this moment, letting go of story and supporting ourselves with kindness and awareness.

    Attention to self-regulation (including effects of emotional trauma) makes Mindful Dance workshops safe spaces for a personal process of unfoldment. Please contact Lindsay at lindsayfovargue@yahoo.co.uk with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Find more details on dance2bestill or the MeetUp group page.

    The number of participants will be limited.

    What participants say:
    A joyous, thoughtful, spiritual, calm, energetic weekend. Amazing – I want to do more.— Karen

    I felt very safe and held by the space, by Lindsay and the other participants. The music was sublime, as well as some beautiful sounds of nature. I left feeling deeply moved and energised. Several things have crystallised in my being and in my life since the workshop.— Kimberley

    Tiered Pricing: £1080 / £820 / £670