• PHIL KAY (plus guests) Christmas Special

    Stand up comedy
  • 22 December 19:00 - 23:00
  • On Friday 22nd December, the destructive force that is world renown PHIL KAY will be smashing our doors at the Teuchter's Comedy Club!!

    The legendary Scottish storyteller and master of mirth and mayhem is up in Inverness for a very rare appearance, so make the most of this absolute talent!!!

    Come and hear all the best stories from a very creative comedian. Come see a man from whom the words just flow in a bawdy stream of comic consciousness.

    After not getting beat up in several countries, taking Crack on a MegaBus, hitch hiking from the baggage carousel, looking after real pigs, playing ‘ice-hockey’ with a Husky dog and losing his Birkenstocks to an Australian street dweller; these new Stories and some classic old ones make Phil’s show a psychedelicious Cosmic Comedy Storytelling show disaster class!

    Phil is a cosmically comic storytelling mind on legs; speaking about his day, and his adventures, calamities and hair-brained schemes, from buying machetes in Venezuela, having Primal Scream threaten his Puppy to arguing with the police whilst in his bath; It just doesn’t stop, the man may improvise a song of his journey to the gig, who knows!?

    “Phil Kay’s been doing storytelling in his stand-up since before it was recognised as a sub-genre of the current scene” – The Times

    “Mesmerising headfuck genius.”– TimeOut London

    We also have our best local talent on show to support the man. Our troops are battle hardened after a successful Highland tour, so are ready for the challenge!!

    Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm...show ends at 10pm and all you Christmas wishes will be fulfilled...!!!