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    Crafts of Scotland
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  • Our goal
    To make Scotland the best place to make, see, collect and learn about traditional and contemporary craft by providing a platform to showcase the invigoratingly large, rich and diverse collection of craft producers and outlets. Crafts of Scotland will also bring forth a series of affordable and well advertised craft fairs throghout the year around the country.

    Our aims
    To build a strong community of craft businesses and events nationally.
    To increase and diversify the audience for all craft types and events.
    To champion high quality contemporary craft practice nationally and internationally.
    To provide a singular place for people to dsicover craft oppurtunities nearby.

    Our values
    We believe that craft plays a dynamic and vigorous role in Scotland’s social, economic and cultural life.
    We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make, see, collect and learn about craft.
    We believe that the strength of craft lies in its use of both traditional and contemporary techniques, ideas and materials to make extraordinary new work.
    We believe that the future of craft lies in nurturing talent; children and young people must be able to learn about craft and have access to excellent teaching throughout their education of which we aim to provide.

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