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    Inverness Kart Raceway
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  • Inverness Kart Raceway is a social enterprise which is owned by local award winning charity, Day1. Day1 works with the most vulnerable children in our community. Through our year long mentoring program, young people from tough social backgrounds who are making poor choices are given the self confidence and self belief to break away from an inherited cycle of poverty and abuse through sustainable employment.

    The support of the business community is very valuable to Inverness Kart Raceway and our parent company Day1. It helps us to help more young people by helping to ensure the commercial success of our social enterprise. It also allows for the development of strong partnerships between the third sector and business community. Essentially Inverness Kart
    Raceway is a community asset, there is no private ownership. 5 years of hard work has gone into the securing of funding and consents. Be a part of this exciting new social venture.

    A partnership with Inverness Kart Raceway can be designed to meet your specific objectives, offering an affordable and effective solution to your marketing, corporate or community needs. Build brands, engage clients, strengthen community involvement, motivate staff and enhance the reputation of your business.

    Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our sponsorship/advertisement packages.


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