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  • Great Weekend for Williamson Family!

    Biking has become a very popular sport in recent years, and ONe family that has been having tremendous success on two wheels are the Williamson family and siblings Greg and Kerry (aged 23 and 24 respectively). On a single weekend, the four were spending their time biking both here in the Highlands and - for Greg - representing the family internationally on a professional level!

    Racing in the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Series for the Cube Global Squad, Greg has cut his teeth on the biking circuit, having previously raced at World Cup level for Trek Worl d Racing. Travelling around the world for this years UCI series, Round One in Lourdes, France found him reaching 16th place, and improving with a superb 6th position in Round Two in Cairns, Australia. Now in 11th place in the World Series and the next round scheduled to occur in Fort William on the 4th & 5th of June, he'll be on home turf and aiming to improve.

    His sister Kerry may not be as established a biker as her brother - in fact she's more comfortable on four hooves! - but she has demonstrated her own biking talent in last weekend's Etape Loch Ness, and making it a family affair by racing with her parents! Despite less than two weeks practice, Kerry became the ninth fastest female competitor with a time of 3 hours, 25 minute and 13 seconds. Aside from being the first time she'd ridden on her brother's bike, she also had the glory of beating both her parents times in the event, her Dad coming behind her by just 10 seconds and her Mum gaining a very respectable time of just over four hours.

    By Kyle McColl for UrPal


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