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  • The Ceilidh Place is a small family business in the North West Highlands in Scotland. We have been in operation for over 40 years and have gained a loyal customer base in that time. The business comprises a hotel, bar, café, restaurant, bookshop & arts venue. We attract guests and employees alike with an interest in good food, good conversation, outdoor pursuits and creative direction.
    Our Café-Bar & Restaurant is informal yet professional, it is important to us that you have an interest in the customer from both sides of service. Communication skills are most important. We strive to keep a happy team, willing to serve and are able to get along at all times in harmony.
    Our food is mostly locally sourced, vegetables and fruit whenever they are in season and meat & fish from local suppliers. Coffee is everything! We serve great coffee again from a small roaster and made well. Wine & ales are given special attention on our drinks lists and the ever increasing list of Scottish Gins is present.
    The bedrooms in the hotel are filled with books and our residents lounge is a relaxed space for guests to meet & chat until the wee hours. The books are carefully selected and topics range from Highland clearances to Scottish Politics, European romances to Scottish music scene.
    Ullapool is a great place to spend a summer or as a place to live. With a lot going on all year round, we really are only quiet for a number of weeks in the winter. There are Gaelic music festivals, a book festival, a guitar festival, a dance festival and a rock festival, and a film festival on the horizon. We are surrounded by mountains and forest walks, white beaches are not far away and there is always our café to while away the hours when the sun ain’t shining so much.


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