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    Inveraray Jail
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  • Come and experience one of the finest and best preserved Jail and Courtroom complexes in the world. Explore this unique collection of historic buildings brought to life by real characters from the Jail’s past. Experience the true stories of what life was like for the men, women and children – some as young as seven – who were tried and locked up here all those years ago.
    Witness the many forms of punishment used before the days of civilised courts. Discover how criminals were branded with hot irons or even their ears nailed to a post! Move through time and enter the spectacular courtroom. Take your seat and listen to actual trials held in this room. Walk the narrow corridors of the Old Prison. See the cramped, overcrowded cells and be shocked at the young children in a cell next to the lunatic.
    Compare the old prison with the new built in 1848.Try out the hammocks and the wooden beds, get strapped onto the Whipping Table or take a turn on the Crank Wheel. Discover the gripping stories of many of the prisoners held here.
    Explore the prison grounds, get locked up in the Airing Yards used for the prisoners exercise, visit the Jail kitchen and search over 4,000 prisoner records.


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