• Grey Cairns of Camster
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  • The Grey Cairns of Camster are two of the best preserved Neolithic chambered cairns in the Britain. They can be found beside an unclassified single track road which heads in an almost straight line due north from the A99 near Lybster before emerging on the A882 near Watten. They are a little over five miles from Lybster and some eight miles from Watten.

    The Grey Cairns are well named, all the more so if you catch them on a driech day. And if you visit on a still and cloudy summer's evening make sure you bring your midge repellent. You can usually avoid midges in Caithness, but the peaty upland around the Grey Cairns provides them with ideal conditions.

    The two cairns are very different in appearance. One forms a circular structure some 18m in diameter, while the other sprawls along a ridge line for just under 70m. Both were built during the Neolithic era some 5000 years ago, but there are signs that the round cairn is the earlier of the two.


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