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    Applecross Campsite
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  • Camping huts provide a refreshing alternative to camping or caravanning. Robust and versatile offering all season family accommodation for up to four adults. Fully insulated and double-glazed.

    The Camping huts have four mattresses each approximately 4" thick which have a hard and a soft side for a good nights sleep, electric heating, lights and a socket outlet for your laptop or travel kettle.

    There is no campsite kitchen on the site, so you will need your normal camping equipment except tent and camping mats!

    Please get in touch with us if you have any special requirements concerning access to the camping huts.

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    Dawson Boese
    15 June 2016
    Applecross Campsite

    At this campsite you have to option of staying in camping huts they privide and I highly recommend them! I loved staying there, it was so warm and cozy and the people were very friendly. Not to mention it is at an affordable price. I would definitely stay here again.