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  • There are competitive classes throughout the Festival, which cover a large number of disciplines. These include:

    . Vocal : This comprises both solo singing and choirs for, amongst others, Opera, Operetta, Art song, Barbershop, Hymns, Psalms and Folk Songs.

    . Instrumental : All Brass, Woodwind, Keyboard, Piano, and Stringed Instruments, solo or ensemble. Also includes composition.

    . Speech : This comprises both solo and choral classes for Prose reading, Poetry, Debating, Drama and Composition.

    . Gaelic : All speech, solo singing and choir classes.

    . Scottish : This includes poetry, speech, singing, dance, and all Scottish instrumentals.

    There are seventy five trophies, shields and cups awarded at various classes, as well as six levels of certificate. The competitive element of the Festival culminates with the prestigious Curtis Craig Competition, the winner of which receives the Curtis Craig Trophy; all other performers receive a commemorative medal.

    All the classes throughout the Festival are open to the public and are staged in a variety of venues in Eden Court. Membership of the Association is open to anyone interested in promoting the aims of the Festival and there is a committee to coordinate the Festival. There is no paid staff. An executive group of five core members carry out the organisation of the Festival. The Committee can call on a further sixty volunteers to act as stewards, chairmen etc during the run of the Festival. Usually about sixteen adjudicators are employed throughout the ten days of the festival. In order to meet the costs of running the Music Festival various grants are applied for, as well as class sponsorship, advertising revenue, competition entry fees, venue entrance fees, and membership.


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