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  • The Works opened its first store in 1981 and now has a chain of 300 stores all across the United Kingdom. We are proud to be Britain's leading discount book store.

    The Works’ Facebook page is not an official customer service channel. If you need assistance or have feedback, please visit http://www.theworks.co.uk/page/customer-contact-centre/ or call 0121 350 6050 so that we can personally assist you.

    We encourage everyone to carry on a healthy conversation on our page, but comments that solicit for non-approved third party services, 'spam' the wall, use excessive profanity, attack individuals, or otherwise denigrate any protected group are subject to removal by the page admins.

    Winners will be announced on the Facebook page. Winners must claim their prize within 7 days of being announced. If the winner(s) have not come forward in this time, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize or draw another winner.



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